OZTEC manufactures equipment for the oil and gas drilling industry (mud tanks, carrier ramps, sub bases, pipe work, specialty skids), farm machinery (predominantly grain and cotton handling equipment), structural steel, industrial conveyors. The company also supplies "design and construct" projects which allow them to be involved in major manufacturing projects from all industry sectors.


OZTEC operates 1 workshop in Toowoomba. The 7SD Business Park (Croft St) site has 6,600 sq.metres of shop area on 16,000 sq.metres of land. There are 8 gantry cranes in the workshop: 2 x 5 tonne; 4 x 10 tonne; 2 x 20 tonne with 7.5 metres under hook.

The design office has 2 seats of SolidWorks 2018. We use COSMOS for finite element analysis to optimize designs.

We predominantly use MIG welding, although stick welding and TIG welding is also used.


Shop equipment includes: Guillotine (6mm x 3metre); Panbreak (3mm x 3.6metre); 400T Brake Press; Shear and Punch (110 tonne); Lathe (600mm swing x 2 metre bed); Milling machine; Hydraulic crimper (up to 2" hose); Paint booth (Width 6 metres, Length 18 metres, Height 4.5 metres); Multiple bandsaws; Coldsaw; Scotchman Shear; Forklifts: 1 x 5 tonne; 1 x 4 tonne; 1 x 2.5 tonne. 

Hydraulic systems are installed in-house. We fit either electric or diesel power packs, depending on the application.

We predominantly use MIG welding, although stick and TIG are also used, depending on the application.

We now have Plasma Cutter with an 11m bed which is integral to production in the workshop, and has significantly increased efficiency as we no longer need to outsource all our plasma cutting requirements.  

Laser cutting is outsourced in Toowoomba. Depending on the volume of work involved, we outsource machining and bending/pressing as well. We have an excellent working relationship with our suppliers and turnaround times for outsourcing are usually very prompt.

Recent Clients:

  • OZTEC has recently supplied equipment to the following companies:
  • Weatherfords Drilling
  • Saxon Drilling
  • Enerflex
  • Ahrens
  • Harsco Industrial Air-X-Changers.
  • Tenix.
  • Toowoomba Regional Council
  • Stuart and Stevenson
  • As well as many farmers from QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and WA.